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ICBC’s Intelligent Customer Service Exceeds 170 Million Transactions

In response to new demand for financial services, ICBC used its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to launch intelligent customer service robot ICBC Smart. Customers can get professional and real-time answers to inquiry from ICBC Smart through 15 channels including SMS, ICBC Link, Mobile Banking and WeChat Banking. Since rolled out last year, ICBC Smart has seen service volume exceed 170 million transactions in total, or more than 570,000 transactions per day, enhancing the efficiency and quality of service.

Since the launch of ICBC Smart, by leveraging advantages in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, ICBC has continue to enhance intelligent service capabilities of ICBC Smart. First, its knowlege has covered personal banking, e-banking, investments and wealth management, as well as credit card, and answered more than 10,000 questions. Second, it has analyzed hundreds of thousands of customer interaction logs through system and manual operation on daily basis, collected customers’ opinions through outbound call and trailing research to optimize the interaction design, and made vivid pictures and texts to help resolve customers’ problems. By the end of August 2017, recognition rate of the intelligent customer service reached an industry-leading 96.8%. Third, it has explored value-added service. Based on scenarios of different users, it has conducted product recommendation, providing one-stop services including account inquiries and top-up. It has established fans group for interaction with fans and exclusive promotions.

For the next step, ICBC will continue to focus on customer demand in the Internet era, promote innovative application of the intelligent technology, enhance intelligent customer service capacity, and further improve customer service experience.