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Investment Loan

Product Brief: 
PTI (Pinjaman Tetap Installment) is a non revolving facility which means that the Debtor cannot re-draw/reuse the limit once it has been used. PTI is an investment loan to the Debtor which is aimed to: Build, expand, rebuild, develop or purchase the fixed assets. Finance the business expansion or acquisition, excluding sale and purchase (trading) of shares to non security company.

Opening Terms:
The customer needs to provide the Bank the related Legal documents, the Calculation documents of: Investment needs, business cycle, repayment capability, financial projection, and existing financing amount from other institutions. After Bank credit approval process is approved, the customer shall sign the Offering Letter and Credit Agreement. The required collateral shall be binded first prior drawdown.

Features and Advantages:
●Maximum tenor for PTI is 15 (fifteen) years.
●Grace period (interest only repayment period) can be given whenever it is necessary, maximum 18 months, except for financing, project financing, infrastructure project and syndication.
●Tenor and maximum credit limit terms can be exempted if the PTI facility is fully secured by cash or cash equivalent collateral, concerning Back-to-Back Credit.

Maximum Credit Limit
1.For refinancing: Maximum 70% of total investment amount or total financing.
2.For new financing: Maximum 80% of total investment amount or total financing.
3.For financing under syndication scheme, maximum financing (new/refinancing) that can be provided refers to the Syndicated Loan Agreement and its amendments.

Operation Guide:
For each of withdrawal, Debtor must provide: Written notification, Promissory Note which stated amount and tenor of the withdrawal including date of repayment and / or other required document as per stipulated in credit approval. Other documents in the form of Purchase Order and / or invoices will be required to be fulfilled by the Debtor on a case by case.

Repayment Method:
1.Straight Line Method: paid in several installments with equal amount of principal installment until the maturity date of the facility.
2.Step-up Payment method: paid in several installments with smaller amount of principal installment at the earlier period and gradually increasing in the following period in accordance with the credit approval.
3.Balloon Payment method: paid in several installments with relatively small amount of principal installment as per credit approval and all remaining of the loan principal is paid off as the last payment at the maturity date of the facility.
4.Other repayment methods as per credit approval.

Common Problems:
●PTI is a non-revolving facility which means that the Debtor cannot re-draw/reuse the limit once it has been used.
●Customer shall fulfill all of the covenants stipulated within the Loan Agreement to avoid penalties.
●Interest and / or penalty calculation which is charged to Debtor shall use 360 days basis.
●Other costs which arise in this financing including but not limited to notary, insurance, appraisal, etc., are to be borne by Debtor.

*Terms and Conditions apply.