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ICBC Global Cash Management
Product Brief:
A service that allows customer head office that operate globally and have accounts in the overseas ICBC group to be able to access their subsidiary's accounts at Bank ICBC Indonesia with features of:
1. Account Balance
2. Account Statement
3. In-house Transfer
4. Rupiah Transfer To Other Banks
5. Foreign Currency Transfer To Other Banks

Opening Terms:
Corporate customer must have account at Bank ICBC Indonesia and have a parent company that already has account at Bank ICBC Ltd network.

Operation Guide:
1. The parent company can access the accounts of its subsidiaries at Bank ICBC Indonesia
2. Cut off time for local and foreign transfer at 14.00 (Jakarta Time)
3. In-house transfer: no cut off time

Common Problems:
Customer must complete the power of attorney for Global Cash Management service correctly and completely.

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